A dental emergency is an injury to a tooth or supporting tissues that cause immense pain and worry which often restrains patients from performing day to day activities.  A major worry of dental emergencies is that it can lead to a loss of tooth if not treated immediately. Dental emergencies include:

  • Intense pain 
  • Profuse bleeding for a prolonged time interval
  • Knocked out/broken/cracked tooth
  • Loss of dental crown or filling

Pioneer Peak Dental Center cares about your dental needs!  Dr. Hutchings is happy to serve as an emergency dentist in the valley.  

If an emergency occurs during office hours, call (907) 745-6818 immediately, and we will make necessary accommodations to attend to your needs. If you are a patient of record and experiencing an after hours dental emergency, please call (907) 745-6818. You will be able to reach Dr. Hutchings directly.